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  • Imaginary Circumstances

    I’m late writing this post, because, frankly, I wasn’t sure how to write it. I had a really great experience on Monday evening. The experience left me feeling, simultaneously, immensely proud, and completely humble. It was probably the very greatest moment of my acting career to date, and it was only a cold-reading of a… Read More

  • Put One Foot in Front of the Other…

    New York City is CONSTANTLY moving. Cars and trucks and buses are always driving down the street; subway trains are (usually) running underground; and people are always walking somewhere. And the thing is, that constant movement around you helps you to see that steps forward are the only way to get anything done. I may… Read More

  • Don’t Stop Believing

    May 2017 was a crazy busy month in my life. I had two interviews, 4 auditions, several rehearsals, 2 seminars, and 4 performances. I even had two random celebrity sightings, and attended a Q&A with a THIRD celebrity! (Brian d’Arcy James, Kelly Ripa, Bryan Cranston, ya nosies.) I worked my first New York temp job, and… Read More