Dear Nana

Dear Nana,

I went to your house today. It was so strange… and hard… not having you there to greet me. You always had the warmest welcomes, which always made saying goodbye that much harder.

You always wanted to know what I’ve been up to, and kept up with my blog. You even told me, “You should write a book or a play, Emily! You’re so good!” So this blog is for you. Maybe someday, I’ll get around to writing that book.

I have an audition coming up that I’m excited about, and I have started preparing a brand new monologue for it. I’m auditioning for a Shakespeare play, so I’m preparing a Shakespeare monologue. I took the speech to Shakespeare Forum last night (you remember — it’s the place that’s like, 5 minutes from my apartment that Kendall discovered by accident). I got great feedback and a lot of things to think about as I prepare for my audition.

You always kept the programs and newspaper clippings from my high school shows, and you were always so excited to see me perform. You never got to see me in New York, but soon, you’ll have lots of pictures and reviews to show off. You and Grandaddy feel free to brag all you want about your granddaughter. I promise I’ll make you proud.

Going through your old pictures today, I realized what a full life you led. So many friends, so many adventures. You were such a beautiful woman, and I can see why Grandaddy was in such a rush to marry you! Those eyes, that smile, that funny, welcoming, loving personality… who wouldn’t be enchanted? I wish I had taken more time to listen to your stories. I know you had some great ones. Thank you for choosing to be Mom to Tracy and Bryan, and the best Nana to Ashley, Josh, me, Caroline, Brandi, Kendall, and every one of our friends who came through your door.

I’ll keep you posted, and talk at ya later, when I can see your eyeballs.

I love you.

Miss Em