Waiting, waiting, waiting…

As I write this, I am waiting in the Audition Center at Actor’s Equity Association. I am surrounded by actors. Some are very talkative, some are keeping to themselves. It’s really interesting to see the plethora of different people that can gather in a room. There are people of all different types: some short, some tall, some fat, some thin, some old, some young. When someone walks in and is recognized by someone else, it is an immediate “Hey! How are you?! Let’s hug and catch up on our lives!” Say what you will about actors; we’re a supportive bunch.

Don’t get me wrong, there are definite divas out there, who will not think twice about taking your spot in line, and making you feel like an idiot for it. (Which happened to me, once, but that’s neither here nor there.) But for the most part, there’s a lot of joy and support in the waiting area of the Audition Center. I think we all sort of understand that we want the same thing – to give a great audition, and get a phone call from the casting team. And with that understanding, comes the desire to help each other accomplish it.

As actors, we spend a lot of time in other people’s shoes. Trying to understand the inner thoughts of a character you didn’t write takes a lot of work, you guys. And as such, we understand that every person needs to prepare for their audition in different ways. Some people need to listen to music on their headphones. Some people need to have a casual conversation with their neighbor or friend. Some people need to read a book while they wait.

My plan for the rest of my waiting time (which could very well be all day) is to finish this blog, spend some time going over my monologue, check on the status of my 2nd audition for the day (which I may or may not actually get to do) and keep planning my parents’ anniversary trip to NYC (hooray!).

I look around and see that some people are very nervous, and some are very relaxed. I noticed that at my audition on Saturday, as well. Some people get really nervous before auditions. I used to get very nervous, as well, but not so much anymore. I know that I’ve done the preparation I could, and either I will be the solution the casting team has been looking for, or I won’t. I just have to go in and do the very best I can, knowing that my talent and my purpose here are not in any way changed by what happens in that room.