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  • Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Alive and Well

    On Sunday, I had an audition, a rehearsal, and a performance. On Monday night, I participated in a workshop where I got to play the sweet, adventurous ingenue. Tuesday and Wednesday, I attended seminars at Actors Connection. Tonight, I’m going to see Lear at The Shakespeare Forum. It has been a full week, and I… Read More

  • Others Before Self

    I’ve struggled to write this blog this week (which is why it’s late), because I never want this to be a place where I complain or vent. I always want my blog to be a place that is inspiring and positive. That’s not to say that I don’t experience disappointment, or that I want to… Read More

  • My Journey is Not Their Journey

    Remember how last week, I was really jazzed, because I had fed my soul with so many wonderful theater moments? Well, this week, I’m having to remind myself that “my journey is not their journey.” You’re not supposed to compare yourself to other people. It’s the quickest way to unhappiness. And yet, we do it… Read More

  • Feed Your Soul

    Two weeks ago, I started a long-term temporary position as a Receptionist. It is a normal, 8-5 job, that pays well. And for many people, that would be great! For me, it can quickly suck my soul. I feel very tired at the end of most days, and not because I did anything particularly tiring,… Read More

  • Tubthumping

    Two weeks ago, I had an audition for a theater company that I was really excited about. I was so excited about this company, in fact, that I thought this audition was more a formality than anything else–I thought I was a shoe-in for the company. Nonetheless, I worked hard to prepare for my audition,… Read More