Rock, Paper, SCISSORS!

A week ago, I closed the run of “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” It was such a unique experience, and probably my most challenging role to date. Unfortunately, we were forced to cancel our final performance, due to one of our cast members being injured and unable to make curtain; but the performances we did have are memories upon which I reflect fondly.

Our first performance was a little rocky, to be sure, with technical difficulties, and some missed cues. But we got through it, as a team, and our second performance was all the better for it. Our third performance was probably our best, though. All three of us were finally comfortable enough with the characters and the world of the play that we were able to actually have fun with the characters, and play with how we used the set and the other actors.

I was talking with my mom yesterday, and she was asking me questions about the play. She was curious about my character, and the role I played in the world we created on stage. I found it really difficult to answer her questions, mostly because I couldn’t find the words to describe what she would have seen if she were able to attend the show herself. And now, the most I can say to try to relate what the show was like is this:

I played a pair of scissors. 

This pair of scissors lives in a house with a rock…

…and a piece of paper.

These three objects each do their best to exist. Rock is unable to feel anything; Paper is obsessed with this recurring dream she’s having in which she is unable to save her friend, Dan, from a blizzard; Scissors consumes anything she can, and is completely driven by her emotions, always seeking comfort and guidance from the Fridge, who provides her with the various emotions she consumes.

To me, it is ultimately a story about how you can handle the things life throws your way, and whether (or how) the decisions you make can affect others. And that, friends, is something I think we all need to stop and consider a little bit more.