Resolutions vs. Goals

Alright, be honest. How many of your New Year’s Resolutions have you already broken? Every year, people make resolutions to be healthier, or spend less money, or read more books, etc. And by the end of January, most of us have already slipped or given up entirely on our resolutions. That is why I make goals for myself, rather than resolutions. Goals with specific due dates, so that I hold myself accountable to them. For example, my first goal of 2018 was to get new headshots by January 31. Goal 1? Accomplished. I got them taken by Bjorn Bolinder (whose work you can see by visiting his website:; I got the raw images today, and I will be using my new headshots for submissions and auditions by next week!

My turn to be honest: the end of 2017 was really rough for me, personally. I was sick for most of October and November, then I was traveling for Thanksgiving, then it was Christmas, and with all of those things happening, I didn’t have a lot of time to do things for my career, and I got into kind of a slump. I wasn’t booking anything, and I barely went to any auditions. So I decided to make a list of goals for myself, and put that list on my fridge. I can look at it every day, and check in: What have I done today to accomplish the goals on this list? And by checking the list every day, and asking myself that question, I was able to find a great photographer, who gave me SO many great shots to choose from! (Seriously, narrowing down my list of potential headshots to find the perfect one is a nigh-impossible task. Bjorn is a fabulous photographer!)

That one simple act of booking a headshot appointment inspired me to keep going and keep working, and on Monday night, you can catch me at the 2nd Annual Un-Auguration! I will be reading one of several short plays featured by wonderful playwrights whose work I love! The event starts at 7:00, at the Bernie W0hl Center on Columbus Ave between 91st and 92nd, and I would LOVE to see you there!

Click the image to RSVP to this FREE event! ($10 suggested donation is appreciated!)

I have entered 2018 with a renewed sense of purpose, and I am looking forward to not only accomplishing each of my 2018 goals, but knocking them out of the park! What about you? What are YOUR goals for 2018?