New City, New Chapter

So, two months ago, Kendall and I moved back to Texas. Even though I definitely miss NYC, and the beautiful people I met there, I’m glad to be home. I’m finding a groove, and accomplishing goals I had begun to forget I even had.

Last month, I produced my third audiobook, entitled Journey to Motherhood: Finding Victory in the Midst of Brokenness. (Available soon on Audible!)

This month, I started teaching again. As I type this, I am recovering from my first full week of school. And yes, I say “recovering.” I swore I would never teach again, but as I’ve discussed before, teaching is just…in me. While middle school is definitely a different beast than high school, having the opportunity to build relationships and inspire my students again is really exciting. I’ll be directing a One Act Play, which is yet to be determined, and I feel optimistic about the year ahead.

Next week, I’ll start rehearsals for my next play! We will perform in September, and while I have not yet been authorized to disclose any details, keep checking in, because as soon as I can, I will! Suffice it to say, it’s a role and a level of responsibility I’ve been waiting to have for LITERALLY 15 YEARS.

I am SO excited to have all these projects back to back. It’s the kind of productivity I anticipated having when I moved to New York, and it’s a real validation for me that I made the right choice to leave NYC and come on back home. That being said, I’m EXHAUSTED. And I know that when I reach the end of this chain of projects, I’ll sleep A LOT.

So, to sum up:
July – Produced an Audiobook
August – Started teaching Middle School
September – Mystery Project (Details to come soon)
October – Rehearsals for One Act Play
November – Perform One Act Play

So….yeah… See you again in January!