Never Gonna Give Up

Three weeks ago, I attended the first session of a 10-week playwriting workshop led by Emma Goldman-Sherman. (Thank you, Sarah Teed, for letting me know about it!) Each week, I am able to discover new characters and new stories, and get to encourage playwrights in their work. As a result of my participation in this workshop, I am able to give my first performance in New York City!

Tomorrow night, I will be participating in a Staged Reading of a new play called “Man & Wife.” (Relax, I’m reading stage directions.) It’s a very cleverly written play that follows a couple from their wedding day through their golden years. We will only be performing the first few scenes, so it will only chronicle through their 7th wedding anniversary. We’ll be performing at Dixon Place, so if you’re in NYC, you should come by! You can find more information by clicking THIS LINK.

It is the first time I’ll be performing in New York City, and although it is not a character-role, per se, I do get to do some fun things with the narration, including providing some Wedding Music. 🙂 I’m really excited about it, because it’s what I came to the city to do. (Performing in general, not reading Stage Directions specifically.) So, even though this week has provided no further revelations regarding our permanent living situation, I am hopeful that we are still on the right track and things will come together in the end.

I have a couple of auditions coming up, and Kendall is attending some networking events this week, as well as waiting to hear back from his interview three weeks ago. We have come this far, and we’re not giving up. We have work to do in this city, and we have not yet begun to complete it.