Giving Thanks

Life goes at a slower pace in Texas. I think it’s that “mosey” feeling that doesn’t really exist here in New York City. Here, even if I’m eating lunch, I feel like I need to hurry up and move on to the next thing. There’s always something happening, somewhere to go, someone to see. Back home, life is simply never that urgent. But I didn’t really realize that until I didn’t live there.

…Deep in the Heart of Texas…

Last week was Thanksgiving, and Kendall and I traveled to our home state to be with family. We were gone for a week, and that week felt like a month! We were able to spread out our time so that we could stay with each group of family members for a couple of nights. That was nice, because we got to really enjoy the time we had with people. We didn’t get to see everyone, which is disappointing, but we’ll be back sometime next year.

So today’s post is about thankfulness. I have a lot about which to be thankful, and on days like today, when the first couple of things I see are “Thanks, but no” emails, and casting calls that I’m almost perfect for, I need to take a second to remember what I do have going for me.

I have family in Texas that loves me, supports me, believes in me, and who will always be there to welcome me. I have friends in Texas and in New York that love me, and laugh with me. I have a husband who loves me, supports me, laughs with me, and insists that I stay to see iconic New York events even if he can’t make it.

And last, but not least, I live in a place where the pursuit of my dreams is not only possible, it’s encouraged. I can take classes, perform, develop new works, and tell people “I’m an actress,” without any hint of apology or shame. And that feels REALLY good.