From Procrastination to Productivity

I am the QUEEN of procrastination. Especially when I feel like there is a lot to be done, I have always been really good at wasting time and delaying what I need to do until the very last minute. Which is not, I realize, a good thing. So I have had to learn how NOT to procrastinate, and just get my stuff done!


On Friday, I had scheduled three different auditions for myself. None of these auditions were by appointment, so I told myself I would go to the next audition whenever I was finished with the previous one. Well, as it happened, the first audition was an Equity Principal Audition, and as a lowly Equity Membership Candidate, I had to yield audition slots to Equity actors first. This is totally fine, and completely expected. I’m not complaining about that at all.

As it happened, they never got to my name, and although I was able to leave my headshot and resume, I left at about 3:30, having waited for approximately 7 hours. (No, I’m not joking.) From there, I went to my second audition, but the sign up was closed, and by that time, my third audition was over. And because I hadn’t brought any work with me, I had basically wasted an entire day. (See? Queen.) I came home feeling tired, weighed down, and discouraged. It was a rough day.

That night, I decided to attend the Actors Pro Expo, being held the next day. Hands down, best decision I made all week. The day was filled with networking, seminars, and TWO auditions. I was able to really get my motivation back on track, and come up with a whole slew of items for my to do list! I felt energized, capable, and excited to get things done!

And here we are on Tuesday, and while I have certainly checked off a few items on my to do list, I have many more still to accomplish. And sometimes, I find myself getting overwhelmed. Feeling like there’s just too much, and I’m too far behind, and what’s even the point of trying, because it’s too scary and overwhelming, and just….ARGH!

And it’s then that I remember that even a baby step is still a step. Getting one thing done is better than getting zero things done. And even if you fall behind on the schedule you set for yourself, there is time to catch up. Keep moving forward. Keep making progress.

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I am trying to be better about not putting things off, and I’m definitely improving in that area. I know that making a list and giving myself a deadline helps me to know what I need to do, and when, and hold myself more or less accountable to my personal and career goals. I have two auditions this week that I didn’t have scheduled a week ago. A lot can change in a week, especially when you put in the effort.