An Actor’s Life For Me

This was the first full week that I got to fully focus on my acting career! It was exciting, and thrilling, and, quite frankly, dull.

See, what I didn’t realize, really, is that I have to make my own routine. I have to make myself actually do the things that will move my career and my life forward. Of course, everyone is entitled to a lazy day every once in a while, but you can’t make that lazy day turn into a lazy week.

There was one evening this week when I had spent the whole day being really lazy. I basically sat on my couch and watched Netflix all day. I’m not proud of it. Then, that evening, I suddenly got a burst of productive energy, and got a lot of organization and preparation for the next day done. I thought, “Geez! Where was this energy 5 hours ago?!?!”

Last night, I planned out a schedule for myself, and for the most part, have done a good job of sticking to it, more or less. And the funny part is that the more I accomplish tasks on my to do list, the more I WANT to accomplish things. I have set aside time to review my lines and blocking; to update my website, including this post; to look for upcoming auditions; and even to get some laundry done. It’s been a really productive day, and I want to continue that energy through the weekend and into next week.

I had two rehearsals this week for my upcoming show, “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” which will run in the Arctic Fridge Festival beginning next weekend. I have to say that this rehearsal process has been unlike anything I’ve ever done. At least, in recent memory. It’s been frustrating, exciting, and fun to discover new aspects of my character, the play, and my fellow cast members. Using outward physicalization rather than emotional realism to get to know my character has been a really unique challenge. I tend to slip into the emotional and psychological side more often than my director would really like. And the truth of the matter is that if I had made myself rehearse my lines and go over the loose blocking we had implemented in rehearsal, I probably would have been better prepared for rehearsals, and would have gotten more out of them. We only have one rehearsal left before tech, and I am determined to make it worthwhile.

More info on the festival can be found by clicking the photo!

It’s important to establish a routine, and to stick to it. My life is not going to be regular unless I make it regular. That’s an actor’s life, and I love it.